Chehalis Basin Partnership meetings serve as a forum for discussion about a wide array of topics in the watershed.  Included below are slideshows from presentations that have been given at Partnership meetings over the past decade.  We plan to record and share videos of future presentations through this website.

If you would like to learn more about any of the topics listed below, please contact us and we can put you in touch with the presenter.

Water Quantity Presentations

2023 Chehalis Water Right Curtailments. Mike Gallagher, Department of Ecology Water Resources. June 23, 2023

TransAlta Water Right Phase 1 Feasibility Study.  Joel Massaman, Hydrogeologist, for Quinault Indian Nation. October 28, 2022

Climate of SW Washington – Historical Context and Future Projections. Nick Bond, Washington State Climatologist. October 22, 2021

Surfacewater-Groundwater Connections – Scatter Creek/USGS Project Proposal. Jon Turk, March 26. 2021

Consumptive Water Use Calculations. June 28, 2019. Tom Culhane, Ecology.

Water Rights Curtailments and Drought Response – 2019. June 28, 2019. Mike Gallagher, Ecology.

Hydrogeology Concepts and Considerations for RCW 90.94 in WRIA 22 & 23. January 25, 2019. Tom Culhane, Ecology.

Quantifying Consumptive Use of Water from Permit Exempt Wells. August 24, 2018. Dave Nazy, EA Engineering

Water Budget of the Upper Chehalis River Basin – USGS. August 24, 2018. Andrew Gendaszek, USGS

Streamflow Restoration Law – Further details.  June 22, 2018. By Mike Gallagher, Ecology

ESSB 6091 – Ecology’s Initial Policy Interpretations. March 23, 2018. By Mike Gallagher, Ecology

City of Chehalis Flood Mitigation and Water Supply Solutions. Jan. 26, 2018. By Trent Lougheed, City of Chehalis

Chehalis Streamflow Conditions for Summer 2016. By Dept. of Ecology, July 22, 2016

Water Banking: Washington Water Trust. By Washington Water Trust, August 2015

2015 Drought in the Chehalis. By Dept. of Ecology, June 2015

2015 Drought in the Chehalis, Part II. By Dept. of Ecology, July 2015

Groundwater-Surface Water Interactions. By USGS, 2010

By Northwest Hydraulic Consultants, 2013.

Planning Presentations

Chehalis Basin Strategy Update. Andrea McNamara Doyle. Office of the Chehalis Basin. January 25, 2019

Fry Creek Restoration and Flood Reduction project. Kris Koski, City of Aberdeen. September 22, 2017

Chehalis Strategy – SEPA Draft PEIS. Chrissy Bailey, Ecology. September 23, 2016 Chehalis Strategy Presentations – February 19, 2016

  Water and Land Use Planning in Washington. Brian Walsh, 2009

Land Use Presentations

Soils, Soil Health and Watersheds. Max Ross, USGS. Presentation October 28, 2022

DNR’s Carbon Project – Presentation September 16th, 2022. Csenka Faborini-Csorba, DNR

Poplar Farms and Bio-Refinery in the Chehalis? – Presentation January 26, 2018. Noelle Hart, WSU Extension

Restorative Flood Protection Alternative – Presentation October 27, 2017. Cynthia Carlstad, Carlstad Consulting

Floodplain Management on the Chehalis Reservation. Presentation March 24, 2017. Glen Connelly, Chehalis Tribe.

Agriculture — Presentations April 22, 2016

Forestry — Presentations October 28, 2016

Public Involvement Presentations
Citizen Science Opportunities – Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. Wendy Connally, WDFW. April 2017.

How Citizen Science Contributes to Science – Marc Hayes, WDFW. April 2017

Clean Stream and Memes. By Joshua Francy, 2015

Oakville Tree Planting. By Rochester Middle School, 2013

Habitat Presentations

Learning and sharing information through the Chehalis Basin Partnership

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