The Chehalis Basin Partnership was formed in 1998 under RCW 90.82, the Watershed Management Act, to provide a framework for local citizens, interest groups, and government organizations to work collaboratively to identify and solve water-related issues.
The Partnership’s diverse membership consisting of cities, counties, tribes, water purveyors, state agencies, federal agencies, and citizen stakeholders.

The Partnership developed a Watershed Management Plan (WMP), adopted in 2004, to help better manage the water resources in the Chehalis Basin. In 2007, we developed a Detailed Implementation Plan that outlines strategies and concrete actions the group can take towards implementing the Watershed Management Plan.

Chehalis Basin Partnership organization structure was defined in the Operating Procedures Manual and Bylaws.

Our mission is:

“To implement a management plan that will result in effective, economical, and equitable management of the water in the Chehalis Basin to sustain viable and healthy communities and habitat conditions necessary for native fish.”

CBP Successes!

Conducted water quality monitoring at 95 site around the basin.

Worked with the USGS to gather data that will lead to scientifically-based water management.

Worked through partnerships to put agricultural and municipal water rights into a trust.

Created two Chehalis Basin Stream Teams: Centralia and Grays Harbor.

Co-hosted 10 annual Chehalis Watershed Festival, a fun educational event for communities throughout the watershed.

Supported development of the McDonald Creek restoration project.

Identified key restoration opportunities in the Grays Harbor Estuary