Affiliated Organizations

Capitol Land Trust.  Capitol Land Trust works with private landowners, elected officials, tribal members, government agencies, business leaders, conservation organizations and its membership base to maintain the coexistence of people, animals and the natural habitats that sustain us all. Capitol Land Trust has secured more than $30 million in recent years for its conservation projects, many of which directly benefit local economies.

Chehalis Basin Education Consortium. The primary purpose of the Education Consortium is: “to support stewardship of the Chehalis Watershed through environmental education by linking Washington’s learning goals and standards to environmental issues that are part of this watershed.”

Chehalis Basin Fisheries Task Force. The Chehalis Basin Fisheries Task Force (CBFTF or “Task Force”) is a private, nonprofit, tax-exempt corporation. While the Task Force functions in a variety of capacities, its main focus involves acting as a funding agency, coordinating technical resources, and providing public education.

Chehalis Basin Lead Entity. The goal of the Chehalis Lead Entity is to help implement on-the-ground, community supported, salmon recovery projects in the Chehalis watershed.

Chehalis River Basin Land Trust. Is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving natural lands in the Chehalis River Basin.  Currently they have over 3,000 acres of protected land.

Chehalis River Council. The Chehalis River Council is a local, grassroots environmental organization working to conserve and protect the natural resources of the Chehalis River Watershed.

Clean Streams and Memes. Clean Streams and Memes is a movement to clean up the garbage off the riverbeds, shorelines, and creek banks in the Grays Harbor area of Washington. They have had weekly cleanup events on most weeks since the program started In February of 2013.

Coast Salmon Partnership (formerly Washington Coast Sustainable Salmon Partnership.) Promotes wild salmon protection and habitat restoration throughout the Washington Coast Region, of which the Chehalis River Basin is a part.

Creekside Conservancy. The Creekside Conservancy is a land conservation and environmental education outreach organization based in the headwaters of Scatter Creek in the Chehalis Watershed of Western Washington State.  It is a group of dedicated individuals committed to enhancing the environmental health of our region and the world.

Drops of Water. Drops of Water is a Facebook page that provides links to news articles and information about water-related issues in the Chehalis Basin.

Grays Harbor Audubon Society. The Society encourages residents of the Grays Harbor area to participate in backyard birding and puts on the annual Shorebird Festival at the Grays Harbor National Wildlife Refuge.

Grays Harbor College Fish Lab. The College has an active fish hatchery and professors work to get students involved in community watershed stewardship projects in the Chehalis Basin.  Check out their Fish Lab webpage for more information.

Grays Harbor Conservation District. Grays Harbor Conservation District is a non-regulatory, not-for-profit, community-based, subdivision of state government, made up of local community members and staff with the goal of applying on-the-ground conservation measures in Grays Harbor County and the surrounding western Washington area, through education, outreach, technical assistance, and cost-sharing.

Grays Harbor Historical Seaport. Provides educational, vocational, recreational and ambassadorial activities and experiences that promote and preserve the maritime history of Grays Harbor, the Pacific Northwest, and our nation while serving the needs of the community.

Grays Harbor Marine Resources Committee. The MRC works to educate and promote involvement of citizens in coastal marine resource issues in the Grays Harbor area.

Grays Harbor Weed Board.  By controlling noxious weeds, landowners protect life and health, improve habitat for fish and wildlife, maintain native plant communities and minimize the impacts to agriculture production. Get in touch with the Weed Board to learn more about noxious weeds and what you can do to prevent their spread.

Lewis County Conservation District. The mission statement of the Lewis County Conservation District is to provide technical and financial assistance for the conservation, protection, and development of natural resources within Lewis County.

Westport Aquarium. The aquarium educates visitors about fish and other wildlife in Grays Harbor and the Pacific Coast region.

There are many organizations working within the Chehalis Basin. Listed here are organizations that focus on water, natural resources, and education.  If you know of an organization that you’d like to see listed here, please contact us through the comment form on the “Comments” page.