Land Use

Economic and population pressures tend to promote land use changes from forestry and agriculture to more intensive uses. The Chehalis Basin Partnership supports developing approaches to keep agriculture and forestry on the land and raise awareness of the connection between land use and water resources.

There are strategies and policy tools to encourage preservation of forest and agricultural land, to manage all types of land use for water quality, and to provide protection to water resources even as land uses change. Individual land owners are also using innovative business practices to keep agriculture and forestry viable for generations to come. Read more about both policy and individual approaches below.

Land Use Policy

Policy development comes from Federal, State and County government levels. Included here are links to more information about current policies related to land use and water quality and quantity in the Chehalis Basin. Opportunities to comment on any proposed policy changes will be included in the “news” section of this website.

Critical Areas Ordinances


Agriculture takes up 8% of the land mass in the Chehalis Basin.  Production results in about $650 million in economic benefit to the local economy.

Voluntary Stewardship Program.


Learn about some businesses practicing sustainable forestry in the Chehalis Watershed:

O’neill Pine Company, Chehalis, WA