Educating each other and the community about water issues in the Chehalis Basin is a primary goal of the Chehalis Basin Partnership. On this page you will find information that will help you learn about your watershed and educate others.

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Drops of Water Articles

 “Drops of Water” news articles were written by watershed residents and stakeholders between 2011 and 2012 with the purpose of sharing information about a wide range of water-related issues.  These past editions contain information that is still relevant today.

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Here are some documents for reading, listening, and sharing.


The Pacific Lamprey is an interesting anadromous fish native to the rivers of the Pacific Northwest to learn more about this ancient fish read this fact sheet! 

Chehalis Basin Native Freshwater Mussels! Our native mussels can live up to 100 years old and work hard to keep our rive water clean!  Learn more by clicking on the title in blue.  Additional resources on how to conduct restoration projects without hurting mussels can be found here:
Conservation Guidelines

Conservation Guidelines II

Mussel-friendly Restoration

Estuaries & Salmon, an Essential Relationship PDF document.

Conserve Water, Protect Salmon.  Here are tips on what you can do to conserve water at home and keep water in our streams where salmon need them.


Wood in Water is Good for Salmon Did you know that wood in the water provides diverse, complex habitat for salmon and other creatures. The more complex a system is, the better it is for fish? Read these and other facts on this fact sheet!

The following documents summarize the details of the biologically distinct parts of the Chehalis, known as Ecological Regions, as is described the Aquatic Species Restoration Plan. Make sure to click on the pictures and links for more information!

Black Hills Ecological Region

Black River Ecological Region

Cascade Mountains Ecological Region

Chehalis Tidal Ecological Region

Lower Chehalis River Ecological Region

Olympic Mountain Ecological Region

Willapa Hills Ecological Region: