Watershed Management Plan Documents

The Watershed Management Plan was developed to ensure that future management of water resources of the Chehalis Basin remains in the hands of its residents to the greatest extent possible. Through this planning process, the local citizenry shared issues and concerns related to water resource management and has worked with utilities and local governmental entities to develop the plan.

Streamflow Restoration Plan / Watershed Plan Addendum

 The Chehalis Basin Partnership took on developing a Streamflow Restoration Plan starting in 2018. More information about the legal basis for this work can be found here.  A YouTube video about watershed planning in the Nisqually watershed, found here, describes the need for this work in a clear way that applies equally to the Chehalis.


The Chehalis Basin Partnership’s concensus-approved plan is available below:

Addendum to the Chehalis Basin Watershed Management Plan: Chehalis Watershed (WRIA 22/23) Response to the 2018 Streamflow Restoration Law. November 17, 2020.


SEPA Environmental ChecklistSEPA comments due to Grays Harbor County, October 15, 2020 by 4:30 p.m.


SEPA Determination of Non-Significance.

Available for download here are the key Watershed Management Plan documents:

The Watershed Management Plan provides the vision of the Chehalis Basin Partnership (as of 2004) on goals and objectives for water management in the Chehalis Basin. The Plan examines water quality, water quantity, instream flow and habitat.

The Detailed Implementation Plan outlines strategies and concrete actions the group can take towards implementing the Watershed Management Plan.

Streamflow Restoration Plan documents represent the most current (2018-2020) planning effort by the Chehalis Basin Partnership.


Full plans can be downloaded from the links to the left.