Scatter Creek Watershed

The Scatter Creek sub-committee to the Chehalis Basin Partnership was formed in 2020 to advance the Streamflow Restoration Plan’s goals in the Scatter Creek basin. They chose to focus on Scatter Creek because shallow groundwater and streams are in close connection, there is a strong need for good water management because the projections for new permit-exempt wells in this area are high, and there are committed sponsors for potentially good restoration projects. 

The completion of the Aquatic Species Restoration Plan (2019) provides additional urgency to the need for restoration planning in the Scatter Creek basin, which is identified as a “near term” priority in its ambitious 30-year plan for restoration.

Pictures taken from Scatter Creek Volunteer Stream Presence/Absence Monitoring Sites:

Survey of Scatter Creek Residents on their view of beavers:

The survey was voluntary and anonymous. The purpose was to get the perspectives of the local residents living in the Scatter Creek watershed on beaver dams and where it would be acceptable to locate the analogs (human made beaver dams).