On February 19th, Chehalis Basin Partnership members and invited guests listened to presentations and discussed activities in the Chehalis Basin happening as part of the “Chehalis Basin Strategy”.  Presentations are available for download here.  Presentations covered the Governor’s Work Group proposal for evaluating potentially building a dam in the Chehalis River headwaters, the Department of Ecology’s role in evaluating the dam and other alternatives for reducing flood damage and improving aquatic species habitat in the Chehalis, research being conducted by the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife, the proposed Aquatic Species Restoration Plan, and plans for further communication with the people living along the Chehalis River and determining what sort of “strategy” will work for them.

“Chehalis Strategy Overview” – Presentation by J. Vander Stoep, Chehalis Basin Governor’s Work Group

“Programmatic EIS” – Presentation by Chrissy Bailey, Washington State Department of Ecology

“Aquatic Species Restoration Plan” – Carol Cloen,Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife

“Engaging the Community on the Chehalis Basin Strategy” –     Penny Mabie, EnviroIssues