The regular meeting of the Chehalis Basin Partnership will be held on Friday, April 26th, at the Lucky Eagle Hotel, Sky Room (5th Floor) from 9:30 am until 12 noon.  The group will discuss next steps in the Watershed Plan Update process. The public is welcome to attend.

B.  Presentations & Discussions Start Time Discussion Lead

Partnership Membership Update for Watershed Plan Update Participation. A second round of outreach has occurred to non-participating Partnership members.  Outcomes from that outreach will be discussed.

9:40 am

Kirsten Harma, Partnership Coordinator

Draft Charter Addendum to 2004 Operating Procedures.  
Review and discuss comments and proposed for charter addendum to 2004 Operating Procedures.
10:00 am Cynthia Carlstad, NHC

Watershed Plan Review.  
In March, members were requested to review the existing Watershed Plan for relevant and applicable content.  Results of individual’s review will be discussed.
10:30 am Cynthia Carlstad, NHC
Break 11:00 am  
Watershed Plan Update Work Plan. Work planning and technical work group formation for the Plan Update has begun.  We’ll review and discuss anticipated schedule for technical analyses and decision milestones, decision-making process, and expectations for technical work groups. 

11:10 am

Cynthia Carlstad, NHC
C. Other Business and Closing 11:55 am